path: root/libview/ev-web-view.c
AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2020-08-16Remove unused macrosPablo Barciela1-3/+0
2019-11-28avoid redundant redeclarationsPablo Barciela1-2/+0
2019-07-01Remove trailing whitespacesLaurent Napias1-29/+29
2018-03-19libview: save inverted colors in a documentPiiit1-0/+3
The web-view callback for inverted colors got called, and if it did not find a web-view open it defaulted to FALSE for inverted colors. origin commit:
2018-03-15Add zoom resetLars Mueller1-0/+11
origin commit:
2016-11-23move to GTK+3 (>= 3.14), drop GTK+2 code and --with-gtk build optionmonsta1-168/+3
and require caja >= 1.17.1
2016-11-23fix indent a bitmonsta1-11/+11
2014-09-23epub: Make sure config.h is always includedinfirit1-2/+3
2014-09-22Can build with epub disabledrootavish1-2/+3
Added the required preprocessor directives to make building without epub support possible.
2014-08-17Added epub3 navsheetsrootavish1-1/+1
I came across a document that didn't have an old style toc, and thus the all accomodating navsheet support. Also fixed some mistakes here and there.
2014-08-14Inverted colors(night) viewing mode for ePubrootavish1-24/+23
Added the capability to view and epub document with inverted colors, yet to test for documents where we write the stylesheet, although the code is there.
2014-08-10Page Label handling, other fixesrootavish1-1/+31
Added the function to handle links from the toolbar, also added functions to disconnect all ev-view handlers once it has been replaced by ev-web-view, and vice-versa(to drop all handler associated to ev-web-view). Also the unref call to job_thumb was causing thumbnail jobs to crash with GTK2, so had to revert that, now we're back to the document folder not getting deleted from disk.
2014-08-09GTK3, Webkit2 support for epubrootavish1-26/+209
I added the code to make it possible to build Atril with GTK3 and webkit2. Everything runs fine with both GTK3 and GTK2. The find module for epub was also tested and changed. Now I shall first attempt to fix some Glib errors, and the problem of the temporary directory not getting deleted, that arose when I stabilized the thumbnails.
2014-08-07Ability to search through epub documentsrootavish1-25/+29
You can now search through the entire epub document. In the next commit I'm adding support for webkit2 with gtk3.
2014-08-06Searching in epub documentsrootavish1-82/+191
I added the capability to search through documents. The search is quite buggy, and we'll be taking care of each bug one at a time.
2014-08-03Table of contents(index) for epubrootavish1-6/+49
The documents can finally be read alongside a TOC, I tested it with a variety of documents before this commit, so I presume it should work with all. Also fixed the part where I had screwed up PDF annotations owing to a wrong call. In the next commit, fully functional searching would be up, using HTML parser of libxml in combination with webkit. Also some other minor changes.
2014-07-29Searching single pages in epubrootavish1-2/+115
..and other fixing other bugs that were present once the webview was added, like the escape key command etc. Will look to refactor the thumbnails into ev-web-view.c. In the next commit I'll extend this search over the entire document.Also will incorporate document index(table of contents).
2014-07-26Reading epub documents possiblerootavish1-7/+19
Alebit with a bit of bugs as far as navigation etc. are possible, we can read an epub document in Atril. The document will be displayed with thumbnails, and all keyboard shortcuts work. Menu options, the ones that I have currently added do work. I Will now move on to features such as inverted colors, document index, etc, most of which should be simple to add. Also made changes so that the presentation view does not fire up while displaying an epub document. Also added the feature to copy text to clipboard using the Atril menu.
2014-07-25Fixing dispose functions, display in webviewrootavish1-17/+18
Fixed the backend epub_document_finalize function which was caused caja to crash when you opened the document properties dialog. Fixed the ev_window_dispose and the webview's dispose and finalise functions, now the window closes without any glib-critical errors. Also now it is possible to read epub documents, once you have changed pages at least once, I still have to figure out where I call load_uri at document load.
2014-07-23Added Zoom control, Window thubnailrootavish1-0/+12
Added zoom-in and zoom out capabilities, also re-enabled window thumbnail which I had disabled previously when the thumbnails were not implemented. Still trying to get the document to display, need to make the right changes, also trying to stop the window from entering presentation view, but that does happen and needs to be fixed.
2014-07-23Cleaned some code, added select-all functionalityrootavish1-0/+6
Select all functionality to select all content from the webview. Cleaned ev-jobs.c, it had a lot of unused code.
2014-07-20Active properties dialog, other actionsrootavish1-0/+6
Properties dialog for epub documents, will some basic properties. Also set toolbar and menu sensitivity for the actions available in epub, will add more(find) once I write the module. Also inverted colors needs to be done with CSS or the like.
2014-07-19Thumbnails for all documentsrootavish1-4/+10
Now other problems with webkit. After much fidgeting I was able to resolve the previous problems of threads. However, now there is a different webkit error.
2014-07-10Files for EvWebView, thumbnails possible with GTK+-2.0rootavish1-0/+349
My last commit was supposed to have ev-web-view.c and ev-web-view.h however due to some reason I missed them last time, so here they are now. i am able to achieve thumbnails for my epub however these are of absurdly large size. Still struggling to get the webview done due to thread problems that I am encountering.