BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10release 1.10.3Wolfgang Ulbrich6 years
1.12Release 1.12.2monsta6 years
1.14release 1.14.2monsta5 years
1.16libview: use GtkObject where it has to be in GTK+2 buildmonsta4 years
1.18release 1.18.5monsta3 years
1.20prevent segfaults when no document loadedReuben Green24 months
1.22Travis CI: arch build: add autoconf-archivePablo Barciela17 months
1.24ev-sidebar-links: Optimize reverse link lookup for a pageChristoph Fritz6 weeks
1.6Bump version to 1.6.2infirit8 years
1.8Merge pull request #129 from monsta/patch-1Martin Wimpress6 years
find-sidebarImprove search systemmbkma8 weeks
gh-pagesDeploy mate-desktop/atril to (via Travis CI)3 weeks
masterev-window.c: only create a EvWebView if neededmbkma3 weeks
wip/libgepubdrop current epub supportWu Xiaotian2 years