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+Many kudos, thanks, beers, and brownie points to:
+ Mark Crichton <[email protected]> - Wrote the initial versions
+ of GdkPixbuf, and bravely maintained Imlib for MATE's
+ purposes. And rode us around in the minivan of death.
+ Arik Devens <[email protected]> - Wrote the preferences code
+ for EOM and provided many interesting conversations. And lent
+ me his comic books, which are insanely cool.
+ Damien Diederen <[email protected]> - Wrote the original fast
+ scaling code that was the inspiration for EOM.
+ Tuomas Kuosmanen <[email protected]> - Created the cute icon for
+ EOM, as well as lots of nice artwork. That artwork was
+ proudly viewed in EOM as well.
+ Raph Levien <[email protected]> - Wrote libart, microtile arrays,
+ GdkRGB, and some awesome code for doing imaging *fast*.
+ Provided a botomless pit of knowledge.
+ Michael Meeks <[email protected]> - Wrote the initial MateComponent
+ stuff for EOM, and provided good feedback all along.
+ Maciej Stachowiak <[email protected]> - All-around super hacker,
+ and provided excellent feedback for EOM.
+ Owen Taylor <[email protected]> - Wrote the awesome scaling
+ and compositing functions for GdkPixbuf. Also provided a
+ really bottomless pit of knowledge.
+ Carsten "The Rasterman" Haitzler <[email protected]> -
+ Provided many interesting discussions about classification of
+ images and other imaging stuff. He also throws the best
+ parties.
+ The MATE translation team - For letting us use EOM in a
+ zillion languages.