AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2017-12-31egg-editable-toolbar.c/egg-toolbars-model.c: drop unused variablesPablo Barciela2-7/+0
2017-12-29print-preview: replace custom code with GDK function callmonsta1-93/+3
taken from:
2017-11-08sync with transifexraveit652-2/+2
2017-10-12release 1.19.1v1.19.1raveit652-1/+10
2017-10-12sync with transifexraveit65104-287/+292
2017-08-23gtk 3.22: avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_monitor... functions:ZenWalker1-0/+21
avoid deprecated: gdk_screen_get_monitor_geometry gdk_screen_get_monitor_at_window
2017-07-23don't use deprecated gtk_show_uriraveit651-0/+4
2017-07-20avoid deprecated gdk_screen_get_numberZenWalker1-2/+2
2017-07-18update issue_templateraveit651-0/+3
2017-06-08create issue_template.mdraveit651-0/+16
2017-05-20Restore Polish translation credits from GNOMEPiotr Drąg1-6/+12
2017-05-11fix warning on closing empty window with multiple eom windowsmonsta1-1/+1
2017-05-10release 1.19.0v1.19.0raveit651-0/+31
2017-04-27EomThumbView: Replace deprecated gtk_menu_popup functionraveit651-15/+10
2017-04-27multiple-save-as-dialog.ui: avoid deprecated widgetsraveit651-289/+118
2017-04-27error-message: replace usage of GtkStockraveit651-3/+3
2017-04-26A bunch of instrospection warning fixesEmmanuel Pacaud1-0/+18
taken from:
2017-04-26EomScrollView: fix override_background deprecated callEmmanuel Pacaud1-15/+17
Do the necessary background drawing in draw callback. taken from:
2017-04-26EomPropertiesDialog: Fix deprecation warningsEmmanuel Pacaud1-4/+10
Implementation as suggested in the GTK+ documentation. taken from:
2017-04-26EomThumbNav: Fix deprecated function warningFelix Riemann1-1/+2
Just call the callback function directly as that's why the signal was manually triggered in the first place. taken from:
2017-04-26EomScrollView: Replace deprecated gtk_menu_popup functionAlexei Sorokin1-22/+11
2017-04-26EomScrollView: Switch from GtkDeviceManager to GdkSeatFelix Riemann1-2/+11
taken from:
2017-05-08fix typo in function annotationmonsta1-1/+1
2017-05-07use different css files for < gtk+=3.20raveit653-1/+17
2017-05-06sync with transifexraveit65104-4762/+4763
2017-05-06EomWindow: Set file open dialog transient for its parent windowFelix Riemann1-0/+1
taken from:
2017-04-25update copyright year to 2017monsta1-1/+1
2017-04-24settings: use rgb color definition as defaultsraveit651-2/+2
2017-04-23UI: avoid using deprecaded widgetsraveit652-302/+470
2017-04-23EomCloseConfirmationDialog: set max width chars for primary labelraveit651-0/+2
This reduce the width of the confirmation dialog
2017-04-23EomCloseConfirmationDialog: Fix size request for the image listFelix Riemann1-1/+1
Change the size request of the encasing ScrolledWindow instead of the TreeView itself. Otherwise the list would hardly show one row. taken from:
2017-04-23Printing paper orientation should default based on image dimensionsJavier Sánchez1-0/+14
Now, the default paper orientation in print settings is based on image dimensions. taken from:
2017-04-23Avoid recompressing JPEGs as PNG when printingFelix Riemann3-1/+160
Use cairo's feature to simply attach the source file data to the printing surface. This reduces the file size of the resulting PDF file pretty much to the source file size. taken from:
2017-04-23EomFileChooser: Use MateThumbnailFactory to create preview imageFelix Riemann1-9/+28
Do this if no thumbnail exists yet. Avoids displaying too large thumbs for images that have yet to be thumbnailed, breaking the file open dialog. taken from:
2017-04-23EomPropertiesDialog: Allow RGBA for transparent background colorFelix Riemann2-16/+16
Now that it is supported in EomScrollView there's no reason not to allow setting an alpha value for the color. taken from:
2017-04-23preferences-ui: drop usage of MateColorButtonraveit651-2/+2
There is no call to <libmate-desktop/mate-colorbutton.h> in eom-preferences-dialog.c, so this fixes the usage of setting a color for transparent areas. And MateColorButton support no rgba colors.
2017-04-23EomScrollView: Switch to GdkRGBA for background and transparent colorsFelix Riemann2-79/+65
This allows passing the colors more or less directly to cairo without having to convert it from and to the GdkColor format. taken from:
2017-04-23EomPrintPreview: Avoid unnecessary color parsingFelix Riemann1-5/+2
The RGB values of black and white are known and thus can be set directly without parsing them with GdkRGBA first. taken from:
2017-04-22Fix a few GtkStock deprecationsraveit653-4/+4
2017-04-22EomCloseConfirmationDialog: replace deprecated GTK_STOCK_DIALOG_WARNINGraveit651-2/+2
2017-04-22css; add settings for progressbar backraveit651-0/+6
Avoid jumping statusbar if progressbar gets load. Use old and new css syntax to support all gtk+ versions. For some reasons the old syntax generates no warning with modern gtk+.
2017-04-21css: remove useless css settingsraveit651-11/+0
They don't work with >= gtk+-3.20 and causes only runtime warnings It's sufficient to use normal scrollbar settings from themes
2017-04-21toolbar-editor: avoid deprecated GtkAlignmentraveit651-11/+6
2017-04-21Revert "Gtk3: don't use deprecated gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport"raveit651-2/+2
This reverts parts of commit 6fc5013e3a61d1b86f077c611c20407a796c414c. gtk_container_add () causes a runtime warning and breaks toobar-editor
2017-03-30pre-bump versionraveit652-1/+3
2017-03-22fix commentScott Balneaves1-1/+1
2017-03-22Bring eom-image.c's SVG handling up to date, properly recognize svgz filetypesScott Balneaves1-29/+65
2017-03-22eom_uri_converter: GList leak fix: cribbed from ↵Scott Balneaves1-0/+9
2017-03-13release 1.18.0v1.18.0monsta1-2/+2
2017-03-13sync with transifexraveit6510-110/+115