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2015-09-06Bump required intltool version for gsettings supportinfirit1-6/+4
And mark the gschema accordingly in POTFILES
2015-08-25drop support for win32Monsta1-8/+1
2015-08-25Linking with libm explicityinfirit1-1/+1
While building with linker flags --no-copy-dt-needed-entries (default binutils), the linking fails, as libm is not specified. Taken from libgweather commit: d8e7b7ba7b1c8fc9820eb8b346d2f52be8c74b2f From: Dominique Leuenberger <[email protected]> Gnome bug:
2015-08-25Fix linking with gcc-4.5infirit1-3/+3
gcc-4.5 has a stricter linking behaviour which now requires us to specify needed libraries directly instead of relying on transitive private dependencies. Taken from libgweather commit: 44cbbfff660151e2706039e293b360adc6df1c01 From: Martin Pitt <[email protected]> Gnome bug:
2015-08-25build: cleanup and re-enable some codeinfirit1-67/+33
2013-08-10Fixes for make dist and make distcheckStefano Karapetsas1-2/+2
2013-03-31Add -lm to test_sun_moon_LDADDlibmateweather-1.6.0Stefano Karapetsas1-0/+1
2012-10-10add gettext to gschemalibmateweather-1.5.0Stefano Karapetsas1-2/+6
2012-09-04migrate to gsettingsStefano Karapetsas1-23/+6
2011-12-01moving from