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Rework gsettings schema building
* Bump intltool required version for gsettings support * Extract strings with intltool directly * Let autoconf generate the xml files
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+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+<schemalist gettext-domain="@[email protected]">
+ <schema id="org.mate.panel.applet.cpufreq">
+ <key name="cpu" type="i">
+ <default>0</default>
+ <summary>CPU to Monitor</summary>
+ <description>Set the CPU to monitor. In a single processor system you don't have to change it.</description>
+ </key>
+ <key name="show-mode" type="i">
+ <default>2</default>
+ <summary>Mode to show cpu usage</summary>
+ <description>A 0 value means to show the applet in graphic mode (pixmap only), 1 to show the applet in text mode (not to show the pixmap) and 2 to show the applet in graphic and text mode.</description>
+ </key>
+ <key name="show-text-mode" type="i">
+ <default>1</default>
+ <summary>The type of text to display (if the text is enabled).</summary>
+ <description>A 0 value means to show cpu frequency, 1 to show frequency and units, and 2 to show percentage instead of frequency.</description>
+ </key>
+ </schema>