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Add tooltip mentioning keys to shift buttons again.
Also, change them in all translations with the help of find and sed. I am not entirely sure if this is correct for RTL languages like arabic, but it does look similar to the other tooltips :) Commands used: find . -name "*.po" -print | xargs sed -i '{N s/msgid "Shift Left"\n\(.*\)"/msgid "Shift Left [<<]"\n\1 [<<]"/g}' find . -name "*.po" -print | xargs sed -i '{N s/msgid "Shift Right"\n\(.*\)"/msgid "Shift Right [>>]"\n\1 [>>]"/g}'
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--- a/po/sl.po
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@@ -416,14 +416,14 @@ msgstr "_Znak:"
#. Accessible name for the shift left button
#. Tooltip for the shift left button
#: ../data/buttons-programming.ui.h:23 ../src/math-buttons.c:250
-msgid "Shift Left"
-msgstr "Premakni levo"
+msgid "Shift Left [<<]"
+msgstr "Premakni levo [<<]"
#. Accessible name for the shift right button
#. Tooltip for the shift right button
#: ../data/buttons-programming.ui.h:25 ../src/math-buttons.c:253
-msgid "Shift Right"
-msgstr "Premakni desno"
+msgid "Shift Right [>>]"
+msgstr "Premakni desno [>>]"
#. Accessible name for the insert character button
#: ../data/buttons-programming.ui.h:27