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2019-08-21Upscale 22x22px icons to 24x24px adding 1px to the edgesrbuj314-324/+324
Helper script: dirs=() for dir in $(find ./mate/24x24 -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d); do directory=$(basename $dir) if [ -f "mate/22x22/$directory/" ]; \ then cp mate/22x22/$directory/ mate/24x24/$directory/ sed -i -e 's/-w=22 -h=22/-w=24 -h=24/g' mate/24x24/$directory/ dirs+=($directory) fi done ./ for dir in ${dirs[@]}; do make -C mate/24x24/$dir clean-png-icons build-png-icons done Change: - @inkscape -z $^ --export-area=A:B:C:D -w=24 -h=24 [email protected] 1> /dev/null + @inkscape -z $^ --export-area=A-1:B-1:C+1:D+1 -w=24 -h=24 [email protected] 1> /dev/null
2019-08-21Gen png mimetypes icons from paper-sheets.svg - Mate themerbuj14-0/+85
clean & build: make -C mate/16x16/mimetypes clean-png-icons build-png-icons make -C mate/22x22/mimetypes clean-png-icons build-png-icons make -C mate/24x24/mimetypes clean-png-icons build-png-icons make -C mate/32x32/mimetypes clean-png-icons build-png-icons make -C mate/48x48/mimetypes clean-png-icons build-png-icons make -C mate/256x256/mimetypes clean-png-icons build-png-icons
2019-05-28rename mate logoraveit651-0/+0
2019-04-09Display the volume status with a better contrast in panelsrbuj6-5/+5
Upscale 22x22 volume status icons instead of downscale 32x32
2019-04-09Upgrade svg source files to Inkscape 0.92.4rbuj7-311/+311
$ inkscape -V Inkscape 0.92.4 (unknown) $ find . -type f -name -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's/ --convert-dpi-method=scale-document//g' $ find . -type f -name -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i 's/ --convert-dpi-method=scale-viewbox//g' $ find ./src -name *.svg -exec inkscape --convert-dpi-method=none --verb=FileVacuum --verb=FileSave --verb=FileQuit {} \;
2019-04-09Gen png icons from source - Mate themerbuj223-1/+1392
clean & build: make -C mate clean-png-icons make -C mate build-png-icons
2019-03-30Gen png icons from source. Mate: apps, categories & devicesrbuj90-6/+539
clean & build: make -C mate clean-png-icons make -C mate build-png-icons
2019-03-24Update terminal icons for mate themerbuj4-0/+29
icons: apps/utilities-terminal apps/utilities-system-monitor clean & build: make -C mate clean-png-icons make -C mate build-png-icons
2018-10-07add a symlink for bluetooth iconraveit651-0/+1
fixes missing blueberry menu icon in f29
2018-10-07add icons for touchpadraveit652-0/+1
2018-02-15mate: add audio-volume-offraveit651-0/+0
needed for pnmixer
2015-12-31add system-config-keyboard icons to avoid padding issue with buttons in m-c-cWolfgang Ulbrich1-0/+0
2015-05-30add missing dnd-multiple iconmate-icon-theme-1.10.1raveit652-0/+1
2015-05-05add gcolor2 icons for all sizesraveit651-0/+0
2015-05-01add open-memu regular icon, update some svg iconsraveit651-0/+0
2015-04-22change help icon + add regular find-locationraveit653-0/+1
2015-04-20some fixesraveit651-0/+0
2015-04-20add missing regular iconsraveit6539-0/+0
2015-04-18some more replacements for symbolic iconsraveit652-2/+0
2015-04-16link some icons to avoid usage of symbolic iconsraveit655-0/+5
2013-09-12mate: add bluetooth icons for using bluedevilmate-icon-theme-1.7.0raveit651-0/+0
2013-03-31Add some mimetypes iconsStefano Karapetsas88-0/+47
2013-03-21add Menta icon setMarcel Dijkstra3-0/+0
2012-01-25changing menu iconPerberos1-0/+0
2012-01-25changing MATE iconPerberos1-0/+0
2011-12-05removing autogenerated files and adding default-applications iconPerberos1-0/+0
2011-12-01moving from