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+See also
+main() creates the GsmSession object representing the session (either
+failsafe or normal). gsm_session_new() reads the appropriate autostart
+and session files to create a list of GsmApps to be started.
+(GsmAppAutostart represents an autostarted app, and GsmAppResumed
+represents an app resumed from the previous saved session.)
+Startup is divided into 6 phases (GsmSessionPhase):
+ * GSM_SESSION_PHASE_STARTUP covers mate-session's internal
+ startup, which also includes starting mateconfd and dbus-daemon (if
+ it's not already running). Mate-session starts up those
+ explicitly because it needs them for its own purposes.
+ * GSM_SESSION_PHASE_INITIALIZATION is the first phase of "normal"
+ startup (ie, startup controlled by .desktop files rather than
+ hardcoding). It covers low-level stuff like
+ mate-settings-daemon and at-spi-registryd, that need to be
+ running very early (before any windows are displayed).
+ Apps in this phase can make use of a D-Bus interface
+ (org.mate.SessionManager.Setenv) to set environment variables
+ in mate-session's environment. This can be used for things like
+ * GSM_SESSION_PHASE_WINDOW_MANAGER includes window managers and
+ compositing managers, and anything else that has to be running
+ before any windows are mapped
+ * GSM_SESSION_PHASE_PANEL includes anything that permanently takes
+ up screen real estate (via EWMH struts). This is the first phase
+ where things actually appear on the screen.
+ * GSM_SESSION_PHASE_DESKTOP includes anything that draws directly
+ on the desktop (eg, caja).
+ * GSM_SESSION_PHASE_APPLICATION is everything else (normal apps,
+ tray icons, etc)
+For each startup phase, GsmSession launches the appropriate GsmApps.
+When apps connect to the XSMP or D-Bus servers, GsmClients are created
+and added to the session. The session tries to map these clients to
+GsmApps. GsmApps signal when they register (via XSMP or SN) or exit,
+and GsmSession uses this to decide when the phase is complete.
+FIXME: after starting the session, we need to run the DiscardCommands
+of resumed apps.
+GSM_SESSION_PHASE_RUNNING is pretty similar to the old mate-session;
+mostly it just tracks XSMP clients, and watches for
+SmRestartImmediately clients exiting (NOTE: THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN YET).
+GsmClient is in theory not XSMP-specific, but it's very very
+XSMP-like, and the shutdown procedure is also very XSMP-like. This is
+just because there's no way to do XSMP shutdown correctly otherwise.
+However, GsmClientDBus will still be able to present a more sane
+protocol to its clients than GsmClient presents to it.