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Use org.gnome.SessionManager at /org/gnome/SessionManager as the DBUS API. This is necessary for compatibility and it brings support for many apps hardcoding GNOME support but also apps written in GTK (Gtk.Application taps into org.gnome.Session to register applications for a clean shutdown and for inhibition). It doesn't conflict with GNOME or Cinnamon (which both use the same name) since it's on the SessionBus. It makes mate-session aware of programs such as gedit, etc.. which might need to save people's work before logout, it brings support for totem inhibiting the session etc etc..
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@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ Startup is divided into 6 phases (GsmSessionPhase):
running very early (before any windows are displayed).
Apps in this phase can make use of a D-Bus interface
- (org.mate.SessionManager.Setenv) to set environment variables
+ (org.gnome.SessionManager.Setenv) to set environment variables
in mate-session's environment. This can be used for things like