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2015-12-13remove some dead codeMonsta1-37/+0
2015-10-21mate-session-save: try org.mate.SessionManager if org.gnome failsMonsta1-3/+29
2015-09-04Use org.gnome.SessionManager at /org/gnome/SessionManager as the DBUS API. ↵Clement Lefebvre1-3/+3
This is necessary for compatibility and it brings support for many apps hardcoding GNOME support but also apps written in GTK (Gtk.Application taps into org.gnome.Session to register applications for a clean shutdown and for inhibition). It doesn't conflict with GNOME or Cinnamon (which both use the same name) since it's on the SessionBus. It makes mate-session aware of programs such as gedit, etc.. which might need to save people's work before logout, it brings support for totem inhibiting the session etc etc..
2012-10-12fix incorrect FSF addressraveit651-2/+2
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