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* help: Fix Image Collection shortcut * image collection shortcut fix on another section Co-authored-by: Mohammad Abu Sakib <[email protected]>
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2019-04-14Use ITS in docbook article info, validate with dbits schemasrbuj1-112/+105
-= Validate =- wget xmllint --noout --relaxng dbits.rng help/C/index.docbook jing dbits.rng help/C/index.docbook -= View the manual using yelp =- yelp file:///path_to_file/index.docbook -= Tests: Generate pdf and html files from docbook =- Method I: Use yelp-build (HTML chunk) cd help/C mkdir htmlout yelp-build html -o htmlout index.docbook Method II-a: Use docbook5-style-xsl package on Fedora 29 (PDF) sudo dnf install -y docbook5-style-xsl cd help/C xsltproc /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-ns-stylesheets-1.79.2/fo/docbook.xsl index.docbook > fop -fo -pdf eom.pdf Method II-b: Use docbook5-style-xsl package on Fedora 29 (HTML) sudo dnf install -y docbook5-style-xsl cd help/C xsltproc /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-ns-stylesheets-1.79.2/html/docbook.xsl index.docbook > index.html Method II-c: Use docbook5-style-xsl package on Fedora 29 (HTML chunk) sudo dnf install -y docbook5-style-xsl cd help/C xsltproc --xinclude \ --stringparam base.dir htmlout/ \ --stringparam 1 \ --stringparam chunker.output.encoding UTF-8 \ /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-ns-stylesheets-1.79.2/html/chunk.xsl index.docbook or xsltproc --xinclude \ --stringparam base.dir htmlout/ \ --stringparam 1 \ --stringparam chunker.output.encoding UTF-8 \ --stringparam chunk.section.depth 2 \ --stringparam chunk.first.sections 1 \ /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xsl-ns-stylesheets-1.79.2/html/chunk.xsl index.docbook cp -rp figures htmlout Method III-a: Use docbook-xslt2-2.3.10-app (XHTML) cd help/C wget unzip java -jar docbook-xslt2-2.3.10-app/docbook-xslt2-2.3.10.jar -f xhtml index.docbook > index.html
2019-03-10Help: Fix version to 1.22 and update pot filerbuj2-4/+4
2019-03-10help: update copyrightraveit651-2/+2
2019-03-10Upgrade the manual to docbook 5.0rbuj3-646/+606
To upgrade the manual: sudo dnf install -y docbook5-schemas xsltproc --output index-new.docbook /usr/share/xml/docbook5/stylesheet/upgrade/db4-upgrade.xsl index.docbook xsltproc --output legal-new.xml /usr/share/xml/docbook5/stylesheet/upgrade/db4-upgrade.xsl legal.xml To validate the manual: xmllint --noout --relaxng /usr/share/xml/docbook5/schema/rng/5.0/docbook.rng help/C/index.docbook jing /usr/share/xml/docbook5/schema/rng/5.0/docbook.rng help/C/index.docbook yelp-check validate help/C/index.docbook To view the manual: yelp file:///full_path/index.docbook Note: docbook5-schemas should be installed in your system in order to view the manual (DEPENDENCY)
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2019-01-31Help - fix gui labelsrbuj1-15/+15
There is no File menu item in toolbar, it's Image, and edit actions can be found under Edit menu item instead of Image menu item. Fix Open Image dialog title.
2018-10-06Use make functions for HELP_LINGUASrbuj1-1/+5
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2018-09-29Fix spelling and grammar mistakesrbuj1-4/+4
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2018-09-26tx: add eom help to transifex configraveit651-0/+1147
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This reverts commit ffb7f4386582c012fa044f46bd210e1874d51cd1.
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