cajaCaja, the file manager for the MATE desktop11 days
libmatekbdKeyboard management library9 days
libmatemixerMixer library for MATE Desktop3 weeks
libmateweatherLibrary to access weather information from online services3 weeks
marcoMATE default window manager6 days
mate-backgroundsThis module contains a set of backgrounds packaged with the MATE desktop3 weeks
mate-commonCommon scripts and macros to develop with MATE11 days
mate-control-centerUtilities to configure the MATE desktop3 days
mate-desktopLibrary with common API for various MATE modules47 hours
mate-icon-themeMATE default icon theme3 weeks
mate-mediaMedia tools for MATE3 weeks
mate-menusLibrary for the Desktop Menu specification3 weeks
mate-notification-daemonDaemon to displays passive pop-up notifications3 weeks
mate-panelMATE panel9 days
mate-polkitAuthentication Agent for PolicyKit and MATE3 weeks
mate-power-managerPower management tool for the MATE desktop3 weeks
mate-screensaverMATE screen saver and locker3 weeks
mate-session-managerMATE session manager12 days
mate-settings-daemonMATE settings daemon3 weeks
mate-system-monitorProcess viewer and system resource monitor for MATE43 hours
mate-themesOfficial themes for the MATE desktop8 days
mate-user-guideMATE Desktop User Guide9 days
atrilMATE document viewer4 days
caja-dropboxDropbox extension for Caja file manager6 days
caja-extensionsSet of extensions for Caja file manager6 days
engrampaEngrampa archive manager for MATE26 min.
eomEye of MATE (eom) graphics viewer program26 min.
mate-appletsApplets for use with the MATE panel2 days
mate-icon-theme-faenzaMATE icon theme based on Faenza and Faience13 months
mate-indicator-appletExposes Ayatana Indicators in the MATE Panel3 weeks
mate-netbookMATE utilities for netbooks3 weeks
mate-sensors-appletDisplay readings from hardware sensors in your MATE panel3 weeks
mate-terminalMATE terminal emulator application4 days
mate-user-shareUser level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTP3 weeks
mate-utilsMATE desktop utilities3 weeks
mozoEasy MATE menu editing tool8 days
plumaOfficial text editor of the MATE desktop environment12 days
python-cajaPython bindings for libcaja-extension3 weeks
mate-calcCalculator for MATE3 weeks
brisk-menuAn efficient menu for the MATE Desktop10 months
mate-notification-theme-slateMATE Notification Daemon Style months
Ubuntu MATE
mate-hudRun menubar commands, much like the Unity 7 Heads-Up Display (HUD).21 months
mate-menuAn alternative menu for MATE.20 months
mate-optimusNVIDIA Optimus applet for MATE.21 months
mate-tweakMATE desktop tweak tool.20 months