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2015-09-06Gtk3: Drop GtkMisc and GtkAlignment usageraveit651-0/+28
Both are deprecated and can be replaced by simple GtkWidget properties. This leaves out the dialogs made with Glade as it doesn't have support for the new margin-start property yet. taken from:
2015-08-31GTK3: Fix deprecated GTK API usageraveit651-0/+4
taken from:
2015-08-31GTK3: EomPrintImageSetup, Convert internal GtkTables to GtkGridsraveit651-8/+66
taken from:
2015-08-31GTK3: EomPrintImageSetup, Derive from GtkTable instead of GtkGridraveit651-0/+21
GtkTable has been deprecated in favor of GtkGrid. taken from:
2015-08-31GTK3: Replace gtk_{v,h}box new with gtk_box_new for gtk+ >=3.2.0raveit651-0/+5
2014-07-26Fix EomPrintImageSetupPrivate type naming/typedefing to make senseinfirit1-1/+1
Based on eog commit 943a59737c800801055478fb4b6db1493e376fee From Felix Riemann <[email protected]>
2014-07-24Drop support for gtk+ < 2.24infirit1-6/+0
2013-11-30improve the GTK3 supportElias Aebi1-10/+12
2013-10-17GTK3 supportLaszlo Boros1-0/+4
2012-09-04Fixed incorrect fsf addresses. Closes #4.Steve Zesch1-1/+1