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+Glade support/Main maintainer: Robert Ancell <[email protected]>
+Original author/maintainer: Rich Burridge <[email protected]>
+Arithmetic precedence support: Sami Pietila <[email protected]>
+The maths library used by gcalctool is based on the freely available MP
+multi-precision floating-point arithmetic package originally written in
+FORTRAN by Richard Brent in the 1970's, when he was with the Computer
+Centre, Australian National University.
+It has been converted from FORTRAN into C using the freely available
+f2c translator, available via netlib on
+The subsequently converted C code has then been tidied up, mainly to
+remove any dependencies on the libI77 and libF77 support libraries.
+More information on this MP package can be found at:
+ACM Paper:
+User Guide:
+Source Code:
+Acknowledgements for the MATE/Gtk+ version:
+Dennis Cranston and Andrew Sobala for various bug fixes.
+Calum Benson for HCI advice.
+Breda McColgan for online help.
+Evan Martin <[email protected]> for help with the menu buttons.
+Gregory Merchan <[email protected]> for the calctool_display_frame
+custom widget.
+Acknowledgements from the previous versions (circa 1990):
+Thanks to Ed Falk at Sun Microsystems (Mountain View) for most of the
+basic arithmetical algorithms used, to Andrew Nicholson for revising the
+previous version of the NeWS code, to Sriram Ramachandran for fixing up
+the XView code, to Hala Abdalla for the original implementation of the
+popup menu and function keyboard support, to Didier Poirot for the
+calctool Imakefiles, and to Sisira Jayasinghe for better error detecting
+addition, subtraction, multiplication and division routines for the
+maths library.
+Thanks go also to James Buster, David Weaver, Steve Damron, Mike Bender,
+Charles Tierney, Trevor Watson, Marla Berg, David Hough, Jeff Donsbach,
+Mel Melchner, Peter Allott, Skip Gilbrech, Tom Friedel, Keith McNeill
+Stephen Frede, Johan Vromans, David Karr, Steve Alexander, Gary Bartlett,
+Steve Nahm, Daniel Yang and Rick Stevenson for bug reports and/or bug fixes
+plus sugggested enhancements.