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You may download updates to the package from:
-To discuss mate-menus, you may use the desktop-devel-list mailing list:
+mate-menus is a fork of gnome-menus.
-See the file 'INSTALL'. If you are not using a released version of
-mate-menus (for example, if you checked out the code from git), you
-first need to run './'.
+If you are not using a released version of mate-menus (for example, if
+you checked out the code from git), you first need to run './'.
How to report bugs
@@ -32,13 +28,6 @@ How to report bugs
Bugs should be reported to the MATE bug tracking system:
- (product mate-menus)
You will need to create an account for yourself.
-Please read the following page on how to prepare a useful bug report:
-Please read the HACKING file for information on where to send changes or
-bugfixes for this package.