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-.\" mate-screensaver manual page
+.\" Copyright (C) 2007 Sven Arvidsson <[email protected]>
.\" This is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify
.\" it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
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.\"You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
.\"with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
.\"51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
-.TH MATE-SCREENSAVER 1 "13 February 2014" "MATE Desktop Environment"
-.\" Please adjust this date whenever revising the manpage.
-mate-screensaver \- The MATE Desktop Screensaver and Locker
-.B mate-screensaver [OPTIONS]
-MATE Screensaver is the default screen saver and locker for the MATE Desktop. It is designed with simplicity and security in mind. \fBmate-screensaver\fP integrates well with the MATE desktop, and it supports User Switching and the ability to lock down configuration settings.
+.TH mate-screensaver-command 1 "2007\-09\-27" "MATE"
+mate-screensaver-command \- controls MATE screensaver
+.B mate-screensaver-command
+.RI [ OPTION... ]
+mate-screensaver-command is a tool for controlling an already running instance of mate-screensaver.
+.B \-\-exit
+Causes the screensaver to exit gracefully
+.B \-q, \-\-query
+Query the state of the screensaver
+.B \-t, \-\-time
+Query the length of time the screensaver has been active
+.B \-l, \-\-lock
+Tells the running screensaver process to lock the screen immediately
+.B \-c, \-\-cycle
+If the screensaver is active then switch to another graphics demo
+.B \-a, \-\-activate
+Turn the screensaver on (blank the screen)
-X display to use.
+.B \-d, \-\-deactivate
+If the screensaver is active then deactivate it (un-blank the screen)
-Don't start as a daemon
+.B \-p, \-\-poke
+Poke the running screensaver to simulate user activity
-\fB \-\-debug\fR
-Enable debugging messages for \fBmate-screensaver\fP
+.B \-i, \-\-inhibit
+Inhibit the screensaver from activating. Command blocks while inhibit
+is active.
-Output version information and exit.
+.B \-n, \-\-application-name
+The calling application that is inhibiting the screensaver
-\fB\-h, \-\-help\fR
-Print standard command line options.
+.B \-r, \-\-reason
+The reason for inhibiting the screensaver
-Print all command line options.
-This program also accepts the standard GTK options.
-.SS Should you encounter any bugs, they may be reported at:
-.SS mate-screensaver is maintained by:
-Perberos <[email protected]>
-Steve Zesch <[email protected]>
-Stefano Karapetsas <[email protected]>
-.SS This Man Page has been updated/re-written for the MATE Desktop Environment by:
-Adam Erdman <[email protected]> (2014)
-.SS gnome-screensaver was written by William Jon McCann <[email protected]>
-.SS This manual page was originally written by Sven Arvidsson <[email protected]> (2007)
-.SS Further information may also be available at:
-.BR mate-screensaver-command (1),
-.BR mate-screensaver-preferences (1),
-.BR gtk-options (7)
+.B \-V, \-\-version
+Version of this application
+This manual page was originally written by Sven Arvidsson <[email protected]> for gnome-screensaver-command.
+.BR "mate-screensaver" (1)