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MsmGnome: Allow users to disable compatibility options
For example users may want to use a different ssh agent. Debian bug: Allow users to disable one or both compatibility options
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<_summary>Required session components</_summary>
<_description>List of components that are required as part of the session. (Each element names a key under "/org/mate/desktop/session/required_components"). The Startup Applications preferences tool will not normally allow users to remove a required component from the session, and the session manager will automatically add the required components back to the session at login time if they do get removed.</_description>
+ <key name="gnome-compat-startup" type="as">
+ <default>[ 'keyring', 'smproxy' ]</default>
+ <_summary>Control gnome compatibility component startup</_summary>
+ <_description>Control which compatibility components to start.</_description>
+ </key>
<child name="required-components" schema="org.mate.session.required-components"/>
<schema id="org.mate.session.required-components" path="/org/mate/desktop/session/required-components/">