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Create mate-search-tool.appdata.xml
(Should this have been placed in the data folder?) An appdata file for inclusion in the upcoming software centers as per the new specs. It should be placed in /usr/share/appdata/ similar to the way .desktop files are placed in /usr/share/applications/, e.g. if you have a "$(datadir)/applications" definition in your makefiles, you need to add a "$(datadir)/appdata" as well. Please, skim through the file in case I made a mistake and please, include it in the 1.8 branch as well. Thanks!
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+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<!-- Copyright 2014 MATE team <[email protected]> -->
+<component type="desktop">
+ <id>mate-search-tool.desktop</id>
+ <metadata_license>CC0-1.0</metadata_license>
+ <project_license>GPL-2.0+</project_license>
+ <name>Mate Search Tool</name>
+ <summary>A file searching tool for MATE Desktop</summary>
+ <description>
+ <p>
+ Mate Search Tool is a simple but powerful utility that allows you to
+ search for files and folders on any mounted file system. Its interface
+ gives you instant access to a wide variety of parameters for each search,
+ such as text contained within a file, ownership, date of modification,
+ file size, folder exclusion, etc..
+ </p>
+ </description>
+ <screenshots>
+ <screenshot type="default">
+ <image width="960" height="540">
+ </image>
+ </screenshot>
+ <screenshot>
+ <image width="960" height="540">
+ </image>
+ </screenshot>
+ </screenshots>
+ <url type="homepage"></url>
+ <updatecontact>[email protected]</updatecontact>
+ <project_group>MATE</project_group>