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+.\" mate-search-tool.1 - MATE Search Tool
+.\" Copyright 2001 Jochen Voss
+.TH mate-search-tool 1 "March 16 2009" "mate-utils 2.27.1"
+mate-search-tool \- the MATE Search Tool
+.B mate-search-tool
+.RI [ options ]
+or select
+.B Search for Files...
+from a
+.B Main Menu
+or from the
+.B Places
+menu in a
+.B Menu Bar
+.B MATE Search Tool
+is a utility for finding files on your system. To perform a
+basic search, you can type a filename or a partial filename,
+with or without wildcards. To refine your search, you can
+apply additional search options.
+.B MATE Search Tool
+uses the find, grep, and locate UNIX commands. The case
+sensitivity of the search depends on your operating
+system. For example, on Linux, the find, grep, and locate
+commands support the \-i option, so all searches are
+For full documentation see the
+.B MATE Search Tool
+online help.
+.BR \-\-help
+Show help message
+.BI "\-\-named=" STRING
+Set the text of "Name contains" search option
+.BI "\-\-path=" PATH
+Set the text of "Look in folder" search option
+.BI "\-\-sortby=" VALUE
+Sort files by one of the following: name, folder, size, type, or date
+.BR \-\-descending
+Set sort order to descending, the default is ascending
+.BR \-\-start
+Automatically start a search
+.BI "\-\-contains=" STRING
+Select and set the "Contains the text" search option
+.BI "\-\-mtimeless=" DAYS
+Select and set the "Date modified less than" search option
+.BI "\-\-mtimemore=" DAYS
+Select and set the "Date modified more than" search option
+.BI "\-\-sizemore=" KILOBYTES
+Select and set the "Size at least" search option
+.BI "\-\-sizeless=" KILOBYTES
+Select and set the "Size at most" search option
+.BR \-\-empty
+Select the "File is empty" search option
+.BI "\-\-user=" USER
+Select and set the "Owned by user" search option
+.BI "\-\-group=" GROUP
+Select and set the "Owned by group" search option
+.BR \-\-nouser
+Select the "Owner is unrecognized" search option
+.BI "\-\-notnamed=" STRING
+Select and set the "Name does not contain" search option
+.BI "\-\-regex=" PATTERN
+Select and set the "Name matches regular expression" search option
+.BR \-\-hidden
+Select the "Show hidden and backup files" search option
+.BR \-\-follow
+Select the "Follow symbolic links" search option
+.BR \-\-mounts
+Select the "Exclude other filesystems" search option
+.B MATE Search Tool
+was originally written by George Lebl (<[email protected]>).
+Version 2 was written by Dennis M. Cranston
+This manual page was originally written by Jochen Voss
+<[email protected]>. Version 2 was written by
+Dennis M. Cranston (<[email protected]>).
+.BR find (1),
+.BR locate (1),
+.BR grep (1)