BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10release 1.10.4Wolfgang Ulbrich5 years Lefebvre5 years
1.14release 1.14.1monsta5 years
1.16release 1.16.1monsta4 years
1.18release 1.18.3monsta3 years
1.20travis: use f28 and disable archlinuxraveit6523 months
1.22Travis CI: arch build: add autoconf-archivePablo Barciela14 months
1.24travis: temporarily disable build for ArchLinuxraveit656 weeks
1.6Merge pull request #55 from infirit/1.6Stefano Karapetsas7 years
1.8Merge pull request #98 from monsta/1.8Stefano Karapetsas6 years
gh-pagesDeploy mate-desktop/mate-utils to (via Travis CI)5 weeks
masterRemove warnings about missing prototypesrbuj5 weeks