mate-appletsApplets for use with the MATE panel9 hours
mate-polkitAuthentication Agent for PolicyKit and MATE9 days
cajaCaja, the file manager for the MATE desktop30 hours
mate-calcCalculator for MATE16 hours
mate-commonCommon scripts and macros to develop with MATE3 months
mate-notification-daemonDaemon to displays passive pop-up notifications8 days
mate-sensors-appletDisplay readings from hardware sensors in your MATE panel9 days
caja-dropboxDropbox extension for Caja file manager9 days
mozoEasy MATE menu editing tool8 days
engrampaEngrampa archive manager for MATE9 days
mate-indicator-appletExposes Ayatana Indicators in the MATE Panel3 months
eomEye of MATE (eom) graphics viewer program7 days
libmatekbdKeyboard management library9 days
mate-menusLibrary for the Desktop Menu specification9 days
libmateweatherLibrary to access weather information from online services7 days
mate-desktopLibrary with common API for various MATE modules7 days
mate-user-guideMATE Desktop User Guide8 days
mate-icon-themeMATE default icon theme9 days
marcoMATE default window manager9 days
mate-utilsMATE desktop utilities12 hours
atrilMATE document viewer9 days
mate-panelMATE panel6 days
mate-screensaverMATE screen saver and locker2 weeks
mate-session-managerMATE session manager9 days
mate-settings-daemonMATE settings daemon9 days
mate-terminalMATE terminal emulator application12 days
mate-netbookMATE utilities for netbooks4 months
mate-mediaMedia tools for MATE3 months
libmatemixerMixer library for MATE Desktop3 months
plumaOfficial text editor of the MATE desktop environment4 days
mate-themesOfficial themes for the MATE desktop9 days
mate-power-managerPower management tool for the MATE desktop2 weeks
mate-system-monitorProcess viewer and system resource monitor for MATE3 days
python-cajaPython bindings for libcaja-extension8 days
caja-extensionsSet of extensions for Caja file manager15 hours
mate-backgroundsThis module contains a set of backgrounds packaged with the MATE desktop9 days
mate-user-shareUser level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTP4 months
mate-control-centerUtilities to configure the MATE desktop37 hours