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authorGermán Poo-Caamaño <[email protected]>2016-02-18 16:44:40 -0800
committerraveit65 <[email protected]>2018-03-16 16:15:10 +0100
commite79d2665e8a4c80d7650e96906545579cb1bf930 (patch)
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Check legal boundaries of accessible pages
Fixes Keep the accessible view end page under the limits of the document. Sometimes when a document is reloaded, it may have less pages making the end page higher than the actual number of pages. Fix end_page reset after reload a page When a document is reloaded, and the accessible end_page is higher than the number of pages, it must be re-initialized to the number of pages minus one because it refers to elements in an array. Fix origin commits:
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diff --git a/libview/ev-view-accessible.c b/libview/ev-view-accessible.c
index d48c97c7..8274aced 100644
--- a/libview/ev-view-accessible.c
+++ b/libview/ev-view-accessible.c
@@ -380,6 +380,13 @@ initialize_children (EvViewAccessible *self)
child = ev_page_accessible_new (self, i);
g_ptr_array_add (self->priv->children, child);
+ /* When a document is reloaded, it may have less pages.
+ * We need to update the end page accordingly to avoid
+ * invalid access to self->priv->children
+ * See
+ */
+ if (self->priv->end_page >= n_pages)
+ self->priv->end_page = n_pages - 1;
static void