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-# Introduction.
+# MATE Calculator
-This is `mate-calc`, a fork of `gnome-calc`, the calculator application
-that was previously in the OpenWindows Deskset of the Solaris 8
-operating system.
-It incorporates a multiple precision arithmetic packages based on the
-work of Professor Richard Brent, who has also kindly given me
-permission to make it available.
-There is a single graphics driver for Gtk3 included with this release.
-## Getting started.
-The manual pages also describe how to use `mate-calc` in detail.
+## General Information
+MATE Calculator (*mate-calc*) started as a fork of *gnome-calc*, the calculator application
+that was previously in the OpenWindows Deskset of the Solaris 8
+operating system.
-## Calctool history.
+## Calctool history
Calctool was a project I worked on before I joined the OpenWindows
DeskSet engineering group at Sun. It was originally released to
@@ -42,15 +35,28 @@ application that is a part of CDE (albeit I had nothing to do with
With its inclusion in the MATE CVS repository, it was renamed to
More recently, Sami Pietila provided arithmetic precedence support and
Robert Ancell converted the UI to use Glade.
+## Build/Installation
+MATE Calculator requires GTK+ (>= 3.22) and the [GNU MPFR]( and [GNU MPC]( libraries. For a complete list of dependencies see the [build.yml](
+Simple install procedure:
+$ ./ # Build configuration
+$ make # Build
+[ Become root if necessary ]
+$ make install # Installation
-## Acknowledgements.
+## Acknowledgements
-See the AUTHORS file.
+See the [AUTHORS]( file.
Suggestions for further improvement would be most welcome, plus bug
reports and comments.
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