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.\" Please adjust this date when revising the manpage.
-\fBmate-volume-control\fR \- The MATE Volume Controller
+\fBmate-volume-control\fR \- The MATE Volume Control application
.B mate-volume-control [OPTIONS]
The MATE Volume Control application is an audio mixer that enables you to mix audio and adjust volume levels of various audio mixer devices on your system.
-\fB\-p, \-\-page=playback|recording|switches|options\fR
+\fB\-b, \-\-backend=pulse|alsa|oss|null\fR
+Launch \fBmate\-volume\-control\fR with the selected sound system backend.
+\fB\-d, \-\-debug\fR
+Enable debugging code.
+\fB\-p, \-\-page=effects|hardware|input|output|applications\fR
Launch \fBmate\-volume\-control\fR on the specified page/tab.
+\fB\-v, \-\-version\fR
+Output version information and exit.
+X display to use.
\fB\-?, \-h, \-\-help\fR
Print standard command line options.
Print all command line options.
-Print GStreamer Options
-.SS \fRThis program also accepts the standard MATE/GTK+ options.
+This program also accepts the standard GTK+ options.
Print GTK+ options.