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add gschema key for setting menu icon sizes
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@@ -1,4 +1,14 @@
<schemalist gettext-domain="@[email protected]">
+ <enum id="org.mate.panel.menubar.icon-size">
+ <value nick="default" value="-1"/>
+ <value nick="16px" value="16"/>
+ <value nick="22px" value="22"/>
+ <value nick="24px" value="24"/>
+ <value nick="32px" value="32"/>
+ <value nick="48px" value="48"/>
+ </enum>
<schema id="org.mate.panel.menubar" path="/org/mate/panel/menubar/">
<key name="show-applications" type="b">
@@ -25,5 +35,15 @@
<summary>Icon to show in menu bar</summary>
<description>Set the theme icon name to use in menu bar.</description>
+ <key name="icon-size" enum="org.mate.panel.menubar.icon-size">
+ <default>'default'</default>
+ <summary>Menu bar icon size</summary>
+ <description>Set the size of an icon used in menu bar. The panel must be restarted for this to take effect.</description>
+ </key>
+ <key name="item-icon-size" enum="org.mate.panel.menubar.icon-size">
+ <default>'default'</default>
+ <summary>Menu items icon size</summary>
+ <description>Set the size of icons used in the menu. The panel must be restarted for this to take effect.</description>
+ </key>