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Run dialog: Allow changing history size
A key has been added to the gsettings schema that controls history size. The code of the run dialog has been changed to use that key.
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<key name="history-mate-run" type="as">
<summary>History for "Run Application" dialog</summary>
- <description>This is the list of commands used in "Run Application" dialog.</description>
+ <description>This is the list of commands used in "Run Application" dialog. The commands are sorted descendingly by recency (e.g., most recent command comes first).</description>
+ </key>
+ <key name="history-max-size-mate-run" type="u">
+ <default>10</default>
+ <summary>Maximum history size for "Run Application" dialog</summary>
+ <description>Controls the maximum size of the history of the "Run Application" dialog. A value of 0 will disable the history.</description>
<key name="toplevel-id-list" type="as">