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Panel-gtk.c: Show menu icons only when "menus-have-icons" is set
Most panel menus excluding main menus. Bind gsettings preference "menus have icons" to visibility of icon. Pack the icon into a box with a 16px min-width set in panel.css to hold the space when the icons are not shown Duplicate as much as possible behavior of now-deprecated GtkImageMenuItem replaced by Use only one icon-settings gsettings object to control this in all menuitems controlled by panel-gtk.c The use of a single gsettings object is based on code by Albert Muktupavels
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diff --git a/data/theme/mate-panel.css b/data/theme/mate-panel.css
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--- a/data/theme/mate-panel.css
+++ b/data/theme/mate-panel.css
@@ -8,3 +8,6 @@ MatePanelAppletFrameDBus > MatePanelAppletFrameDBus {
background-size: 12px 22px;
+ min-width: 16px;