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lockdown: move disable-lock-down key to lockdown schema
In order to use it in other parts of MATE.
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<_summary>Applet IIDs to disable from loading</_summary>
<_description>A list of applet IIDs that the panel will ignore. This way you can disable certain applets from loading or showing up in the menu. For example to disable the mini-commander applet add 'OAFIID:MATE_MiniCommanderApplet' to this list. The panel must be restarted for this to take effect.</_description>
- <key name="disable-log-out" type="b">
- <default>false</default>
- <_summary>Disable Logging Out</_summary>
- <_description>If true, the panel will not allow a user to log out, by removing access to the log out menu entries.</_description>
- </key>
<key name="disable-force-quit" type="b">
<_summary>Disable Force Quit</_summary>